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Sydney's public transport system is a combination of rail, bus and ferry services operated by the state government. Though often criticized by the locals when it is pushed to the limit during peak hours, it offers access to all the popular tourist spots and more, and visitors can get around quickly, easily and cheaply
and safely, partcularly between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Sydney’s city and suburban areas are
serviced by a railway network operated by City Rail that is pushed to the limit at peak times, but operates efficiently at other times.

Buses serve most suburbs, including some with rail and ferry services. Many operate on routes which terminate in the Sydney Central Business District (CBD), other services connect to terminals at major shopping centres, suburban railway stations, or ferry wharves, where connections can be made either by bus, rail or ferry to the CBD.

Sydney Explorer: This is your passport to the central city area, offering unlimited travel in air-conditioned buses to Sydney’s biggest and best tourist attractions. Hop on and off anywhere along the Sydney Explorer route. Phone 131 500

Bondi Bay Explorer: For great sights, great shops and great surf, you can’t beat the Bondi Bay Explorer, which travels to the eastern suburbs beaches. You have unlimited flexibility – jump on and off as you
please. Phone 131 500

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