Wentworth Falls

Location: Blue Mountains
A major town in the Blue Mountains. Kings Tableland, at the south-east corner of the falls after which the town is named, contains areas of major archaeological importance, including the Kings Tableland Aboriginal Site.

The observatory in Hordern Street features three modern telescopes as well as a flat screen planetarium and is open on weekends and during school holiday periods. Other points of interest and local institutions include the historic Grand View Hotel, the Kedumba Gallery (found within the grounds of the Blue Mountains Grammar School) and Wentworth Falls Lake, an artificial lake created early in the 20th century to provide water for steam locomotives. This is now a reserve and recreation area.

The School of Arts is a popular venue for local community events and theatre productions and also houses the local library. Another landmark is Yester Grange, a heritage home in Yester Street. A sprawling, timber bungalow with extensive verandas, Yester Grange is now used as a function centre for events like wedding receptions and is not open to the public.

Location: 100 km west of Sydney; 8 km east of Katoomba.

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There are many natural lookouts in the area including Breakfast Point Lookout, Princes Rock Lookout, Wentworth Falls Lookout and Rocket Point Lookout. A track through the Valley of the Waters leads to Empress Falls, Sylvia Falls, Lodore Falls, Flat Rock Falls and, near the junction of Jamison and Valley of the Waters Creeks, the sheltered Vera Falls.

One of the most popular walks in the area, the National Pass, skirts the top edge of the Valley of the Waters, along a narrow clay stone ledge perched halfway down the cliff, and then ascends the ridge via a series of sandstone steps built by Peter Mulheran and a group known as The Irish Brigade  in 1908. The Conservation Hut is an information centre and restaurant in Wentworth Falls leased from the National Parks and Wildlife Service, and serves as a starting point for several of these walks.

Walking Tracks

Kings Tableland

Kings Tableland Walk: Time: 45 mins. 2 km SSW of Wentworth Falls. Length: 1.6 km. Blue Mountains National Park. Climb: 40 m
Used as an Aboriginal Gathering Place for 14,000 years, the Kings Tableland walk goes through one of the most historically important areas in the Blue Mountains. Along the escarpment through dry scrub, this is a living demonstration of the surviving nature of the Australian bushland. A short trip out to Rocket Point caps off this walk with fantastic views of Wentworth Falls.

Conservation Hut to Empress Falls: Time: 1 Hr. 1.9 km WSW of Wentworth Falls. Length: 1.1 km. Blue Mountains National Park. Climb: 145 m
For those that like waterfalls, this is a fantastic walk. The walk has some very steep sections, down and back up to Conservation Hut. However, the steep climbs are worth it for the stunning waterfalls and magnificent canyon experience.

Conservation Hut to Breakfast Point Lookout: Time: 1 Hr. 1.9 km WSW of Wentworth Falls. Length: 1.9 km. Blue Mountains National Park. Climb:. 156 m
The walk from Conservation Hut down to Breakfast Point Lookout is pretty with plenty of outlooks and some great bushland to enjoy. The walk passes a picnic shelter on the way down the hill to the brilliant views from Breakfast Point Lookout and then the Lyrebird Lookout.

National Pass, Wentworth Pass Circuit: Time: 4 hrs. 1.9 km WSW of Wentworth Falls. Length: 4.8 km. Blue Mountains National Park. Climb: 913 m
This is one of the most breathtaking walks in the Blue Mountains. Featuring cascading waterfalls, breathtaking vistas and rugged rainforest, this walk demonstrates how much Wentworth Falls has to offer. It encompasses the beautiful falls in the Valley of the Waters, amazing views of Jamison Valley from the Historic National Pass and the cool forests of Wentworth Pass. Allow some time to watch and enjoy the cascading water at the bottom of Wentworth Falls.

Conservation Hut to Empress Lookout: Time: 30 mins. 1.9 km WSW of Wentworth Falls. Length: 0.8 km. Blue Mountains National Park. Climb: 95 m
This is a walk that engages the senses, from Conservation Hut into the Valley of the Waters. The walk starts off with coffee aromas from Conservation Hut and winds down through the inspiring bushland, with a number of views along the way. The turn-around point of Empress Lookout doesn t have the greatest views but the sounds of Empress Falls roaring through the canyon are quite enjoyable.

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