Cottage Point

Cottage Point is an isolated outpost on Cowan Creek, idylically located in the middle of beautiful waterside bushland, 38 kilometres north of the Sydney central business district. The eateries here have developed an enviable reputation and are visited by motorists, passing sailors and float planes alike, Cottage Point is entirely enclosed by Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

Located at the junction of Cowan Creek and Coal and Candle Creek, Cottage Point was only reached by boat until 1934 when a bridle track to Akuna Bay was formed. Set within the exclusive enclave of Cottage Point is Sydney s smallest locality of only 52 homes which residents and holidaymakers have enjoyed for over 100 years. One of Sydney s most scenic and unspoilt suburbs, Cottage Point is listed as a heritage conservation area supporting a wide variety of native flora and fauna.

A short stroll will find you at the Cottage Point Kiosk which is a great place to sit and enjoy light meals or pick up some supplies. They also provide hire of motor boats and kayaks. At night you can have an a-la-carte dining experience at the Cottage Point Restaurant.

In colonial days, Cowan Creek was also a favourite route for smugglers in the early days. In 1842 a timbergetter came upon 200 casks of rum that had been secretly landed from the Fair Barbadian. However, the area has not always been known by the quaint name of Cottage Point. In about 1880 it was known as Terry s Point named after James Terry who built a holiday cottage there although in 1884 it was known as Gerrard Point.

One of the earliest inhabitants along Cowan Creek was Edward Windybank in 1890. He built his home in Waratah Bay (a few bays round from Cottage Point) where he lived with his family. Whilst quite isolated this did not stop the shrewd businessman who saw opportunities for holiday makers. He built a fleet of 60 row boats which he hired out and is also believed to have been the first person to make moored houseboats available for hire. He bought old steamers, cut them in half and converted them to make accomodation for holiday makers  rent for a week was three pounds (approx. six dollars).

In 1899, the area south of Cottage point was the subject of a bizarre plan to build Australia s Capital there. To be called Pacivica, the plans called for the town to replicate London, with castles, a tower and a suspension bridge giving access from Sydney via Bobbin Head.

Opposite Cowan Waters you will see Looking Glass Bay and to the right is Looking Glass Rock which glows brightly with the dawn sun in summer. It is said that the local Aborigines believed that if the rock ever became submerged then it would be a sign that the Europeans would depart. It never has.

How to get there:

By Road:
The nearest suburb to Cottage Point is Terrey Hills and the nearest major arterial road is Mona Vale Road.
Turn off Mona Vale Road at Terrey Hills onto McCarrs Creek Road.

Follow McCarrs Creek road for approximately 2km.

Take the left fork onto Liberator General San Martin Drive. You will see a Toll Booth, however, this Toll Booth is unmanned and you are not required to stop. (There is no Toll charged to get to Cottage Point from the Terrey Hills entrance to the National Park).

Follow Liberator General San Martin Drive for 3.5km until you get to Cottage Point Road.

Turn Left onto Cottage Point Road and follow it to the end (4km). As you approach the end of the road there is a Restaurant sign on the left hand side at the entrance to Anderson Place.

Park on Cottage Point Road and walk down the pathway (Anderson Place) to the water.

By Seaplane:
There are two Seaplane Companies that will fly you to the Cottage Point Inn. They are Sydney by Seaplane and Sydney Seaplanes. Fly/Dine packages are available, also Fly/Dine/Accommodation packages. If you book through either of these companies they will book the Restaurant and/or Accommodation on your behalf.

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