Shadows and Light

"Getting to the bottom of things"

From an early age I have been an inquisitive person - at school I used to drive my teachers crazy by forever asking "why?". That desire to get to the bottom of things has resulted in the development of interests in a broad range of subjects, all of which have added colour to my journey.

Thank You For The Music

The artists, the songwriters, the songs and the albums that coloured the soundtrack of my life.

Travel Adventures

My journeys across the world, across Australia and across the street.

Is Paul Dead?

The story behind the rumours of the death of Beatle Paul McCartney in 1966.

Five Decades of Motoring

A review of motoring in the Baby Boomer years in Australia, from the 1950s to the 1990s. The cars, makes and models; Australian manufacturing plants; style and design trends; the motoring icons of each era.

What's in a name?

The names of rivers, coastal features, districts and their streets tell a lot about the history of a place. They weave a splash of colour into the tapestry of a place's growth and development and add fragments of detail that would otherwise have been lost.

Finding Terra Australis

Who were the first people to discover Terra Australis Incognita, as Australia was once known? Most people think it was James Cook but the English navigator was very much a Johnny-come-lately.

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