Thank you for the music

A tribute to the soundtrack of my life

I count myself blessed to have been a Baby Boomer, if for nothing else than to have been a witness to a fascinating era in popular music, starting with the birth of rock'n'noll in the 1950s when I was a lad in short pants, through the turbulent sixties when I was a teenager, and my subsequent decades of adulthood when pop music came of age and gained recognition as a legitimate form of musical expression and not just an unholy noise as it had originally been viewed.

These pages are my tribute to what became the soundtrack of my life - a tip of the hat to the writers, singers, musicians, producers and promotors who enhanced our lives with the sound of music of the late 20th century. The songs and artists featured aren't listed here because they are the biggest, the best or the most significant, which exlains why some of the greatest artists and most significant recordings of our time have failed to get a mention in these pages. Those listed are here because they have brought me the greatest listening pleasure, hence the title, "Thank You For The Music".

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