My Journey

"Been there, done that" is a phrase I use increasingly these days. My life has been and remains a varied and colourful journey. I've done some amazing things, met some fascinating people and walked some interesting and at times rugged paths. In spite of taking plenty of risks and making some bad choices, the journey has been worth the effort.

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My Faith

I was brought up in a conservative, fundemental Christian home. Over the years life has thrown enough of things at me to give my faith in God and mankind a real good shaking. These experiences have all led me to totally re-assess what I believe, why I believe it, and opened my eyes to the truth of where God and I fit into each other's picture.

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Shadows & Light

From an early age I have been an inquisitive person - at school I used to drive my teachers crazy by forever asking "why?". That desire to get to the bottom of things has resulted in the development of interests in a broad range of subjects, and in looking at the long and short of things, answer that all-important question,
"why is it so?".

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Welcome to my site!

Colours of my life - reflections of a baby boomer

"Hi, I'm Stephen Yarrow. Thank you for visiting my website. Contrary to how it might first seem, this is not a website about me, but about the people and places, experiences and encounters that have coloured my journey through life. I was born in England, migrated to Australia with my family as a boy, and since then have called Australia home. I have lived in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, and had the privelege of visiting every city in Australia except one - Mt Isa! (not sure why I've never been there, but I will go one day). Earning a living has never been dull, and many tasks I have put my hand to have been quite a challenge. Along the way I've done everything from diving on Australia's oldest shipwrecks to interviewing stars of music, stage and screen. I trust you will enjoy reading about my journey as much as I have enjoyed recalling it."

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Australia For Everyone website network

Where to go, what to do and how to get there

About Us


Some of my favourites places in Australia

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Only In Australia

Stories, facts and myths that could only happen in Australia.

The first time the Union Jack was flown in Australia, it was flown upside down, and in order to fire a 6 gun salute to it, they had to borrow gunpowder from the French because the English forgot to bring their own.

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Australia's most memorable train heist was the Great Ghan Robbery, which happened in May of 1935 on the Ghan train, in the outback of South Australia. Back in the 1930s they didn't use armoured cars or security guards to transport money between banks - they just stuffed an envelope full of gold bullion, scribbled 'Bank of NSW' on the front and took it down to the local railway station.

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